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SORRY this factory made cone was DISCONTINUED by the factory.

Do not despair, we show you how to easily make a funnel yourself and a cheap tool to bend it in our Advanced BioDiesel Projects book.

Cone Bottomed Processor Funnel

A great and easy way to build your cone bottomed processor!

  • Carbon Steel "Not-Galvanized"

  • 16 GA Carbon Steel

  • 22.875 I.D.

  • Spout complete with 1 NPT adaptor already welded into funnel

  • Easy to Weld to the bottom of most 55 Gallon Steel Drums

  • Funnel is 7.75" deep

  • Cone Slope 35 degrees  

Steel cone easily converts a 55 gal. steel drum into a cone bottom biodiesel processing tank.

   This funnel is factory made out of 16 gauge, non-galvanized carbon steel so you can weld to it and it has an nice even smooth surface. The mouth of the funnel measures 22.875 inside diameter so that it will fit a wide range of Drums.

   Not all 55 gallon steel drums have identical dimensions, this funnel will fit the biggest drum we could find. It may need to be trimmed to fit slightly smaller diameter drums or it can be formed with a hammer to fit prior to welding.

   The neck of the funnel has a 1 NPT fitting welded in which allows you to the thread on your plumbing. Use a pipe reducer fitting if you want to use 3/4" pipe.

   The 1" NPT Neck fitting is welded in place.


Only $62.95 it is the easiest & fastest and easiest way to build a cone bottomed processor that we know of.


No longer manufactured









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